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Get some chips on the pier Witt&Kai 20240211 First day of Dragon Year

Witt Never Dies WITT NEVER DIES Join us in this elegantly orchestrated battle where neither Witt, nor you, nor any brave soul striving forward, can be extinguished 2024Lets Go!🔥

Across The Flow With each gentle ripple, I find clarity, Discovering the essence of who I’m meant to be. In losing everything, I gain so much more, A soul unburdened, ready to explore. Across the flow, my spirit takes…

2023 Fire Fire graffiti in red, A blaze of passion, untamed and widespread. Burning colors upon the night, Artistic flames, a mesmerizing sight.

Lose Yourself Trailer for Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” music video set in 1995 Detroit.